Soothe Your Heart with Sayings from the Learned

Life isn’t always supposed to be perfect! Is it?

We have all heard theories of glass half-full and glass half-empty. No matter what you choose to look at, reality never changes. Glass will remain half-empty unless filled. We have been cajoled to believe theories that we don’t resonate with. Things change when we learn about how people really get them out of tough situations. Even if situations feel stubborn, applying the right learning can get anyone out of the rut. People in the past have combated situations we cannot even imagine facing. This is why learning from quotes that depict the bright side of challenges and inspire us to pick up mental arms must be embraced.


Human life is metaphorical to a roller coaster ride. The challenges never subside. Just the gravity of the challenges keeps changing. At challenging moments it is easy to fall into the trap of life’s harshness. Suffering doesn’t end unless you adapt. Life sucks quotes throw light on the reality of life. Sometimes things go awry in life and plans miserably fail. But that doesn’t have to be the end. If you go through the sayings of learned people you will know how they would occasionally complain about their life’s failures but at the end of the day they would show up for things no matter how tough they seemed.

Have you ever been through situations that have scared you like hell? Well, at some point all of us do. Such situations usually turn into a person we would not become otherwise. We become strong-minded and cold-hearted. Cold hearted quotes show the outcomes of such challenges people have been through.

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